Chronic Pain Management

We selectively offer both short- and long-term pain management tuition bundles. All of these offerings require an intake interview (a 5-30 minute phone call usually suffices).

FELD-010 “Unpuzzle Yourself” This intensive course is a focused adaptation of Feldenkrais Method to your immediate self-care needs. Your tuition includes up to three Awareness Through Movement lessons per week (to be performed as self-study), plus five private Functional Integration lessons total, over two weeks. This course-load is optimized to help one make profound changes in a short time. You will come out of this program with a new, robust toolkit for self-regulation, and a clear sense of how to further improve in a self-directed fashion.


FELD-011 “Workplace Optima” This crash course lets any worker receive somatic education lessons towards a more productive workplace, ideal for anyone dealing with repetitive strain injuries or muscle-tension related workplace discomfort. We will study your actual vocational movement patterns and will discover how you can diversify and optimize them, even as your surroundings continuously change. Your tuition includes three private Functional Integration lessons, an Awareness Through Movement lesson (for self-study), and a real-life evaluation of your vocational movements.


FELD-100 “Freedom of Movement” This introductory course illustrates movement autonomy as the core of human functioning. Up to three Awareness Through Movement lessons per week (to be performed as self-study) are supplemented with three private Functional Integration lessons per week, over eight weeks. Private lessons include up to 30 minutes of lecture or literature review to further a student’s conceptual grasp of the experiential material.


The SOMATI.CA No-Pain Scholarship
Steep tuition discounts are available to a limited number of qualified applicants. The basic requirements are an ongoing pain problem in spite of no medical contraindications to light exercise. This scholarship requires a separate, written application, as well as an in-person interview. Please contact the studio for details.