Creating Emotion

February 27, 2021 - 6:00 pm

Our cultural assigns emotions and thoughts to different categories of experience, but they all occur in the soma; a person’s experience of themselves. Our culture talks about “holding feelings in” or releasing them, but emotions are not vital essences stored-up in mystical vessels, they are physiological processes that we co-create and feel.

In this two-hour workshop, we use Somatic Education practices to directly observe how our movements and our emotional states are intertwined. By understanding, through direct experience, how we co-create our feelings, we equip ourselves to behave and to feel differently.

This workshop is accessible for all adults and adolescents, but as a Somatic Education offering, we emphasize that this is not individual or group psychotherapy, and we do not diagnose or treat “mental health conditions.”
Just show up to class expecting that you’ll be asked to look at yourself, and your voluntary movements, from a different perspective!

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.